FundRise 2023 – 2025

What Is Our Project ?

‘Fundrise’ is a collaborative project with private enterprise and other not for profit organisations.  

We engage and support townships across Australia by promoting local and regional businesses,  services, and interest groups. We build sustainable fundraising channels for community projects and charitable organisations.  We also use this opportunity to develop work pathways and upskilling opportunities for people unable to access work. 

Our project is unique, new and developing.

 Building digital noticeboards in every Australia township.

 Supporting organisations committed to community growth and wellbeing

 Developing regional hubs showcasing businesses, products, services and interest groups

 Enabling opportunities for individuals in need        

 Increasing local and regional engagement in our communities                 




NFP seeking a fundraising stream  ~ we can establish your community’s digital space ~ [see how]

Need skills for work  ~ join our community team ~  [see how]

Business or Group looking for better exposure that adds community value ~ [see how]

Digital noticeboards open your community  ~ give locals and tourists the chance to wander through local online shopping centres, search local business directories,  find and book events, or secure a local voucher deal. 

Locals of all ages and abilities ~ find it’s never easier to search for local brands, stores, news, services and directories by navigating these colourful community pages. 

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