With the launch of our Social Enterprise project  ‘FUNDRISE’, Working Solutions Inc is pleased to partner with ‘Find It Locally’ in the development of Digital Community Hubs.

IN 2023 our team worked to ensure every Australian township had a local digital Noticeboard linked to a local hub and active within a regional centre.  Like the township of Ironbark is linked to its hub in Bendigo Central, and is active in the region of Central Victoria. We achieved over 300 google linked pages in readiness for 2024.

IN 2024 we are expanding our project activities to make sure:

  • Each Noticeboard features organisations and services supporting the wellbeing and life opportunities of locals,
  • Every Noticeboard and their Hub,  also promotes communities small businesses, local events, jobs, and local offers, 
  • Every organisation knows they can advertise in their Regional Centre Pages to promote business, service, products, and interests
  • Every small cost for advertising will convert to a donation directed to our local community and charitable organisations.

How Do Noticeboard Works

There are over 8800 digital community noticeboards now active across Australia.  

In each township, Noticeboards work to ensure we have sustainable communities. They not only link to all the businesses, services and interest groups that a community can access, but every activity linked to the Noticeboard will directly offer fundraising support to local community organisations that contribute to the livelihood and wellbeing of its local people.

If your organisation is a registered NOT FOR PROFIT or CHARITABLE entity. Check your noticeboard and linkup.

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Regional and Local Partnerships

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