It's No Myth.
There is a sustainable fundraising strategy


There are many different fundraising models and each NFP will have steered the course with regard to which strategy(s) fits best for purpose, client and mission.

Our project offers a strategy for sustainable fundraising that in itself presents a range of opportunities for us an organisation, our clients, our community and for other NFP organisations.

We focus is on building community and establishing long short and term relationships that recognise that ‘giving’ has multiple benefits for community growth and wellbeing. 


What's Our Strategy ?

Our project is a social enterprise of Working Solutions Inc, a NFP that includes in its project portfolio, the goal to share fundraising and opportunities with other NFP.  

Our unique association with business ‘Find It Locally” facilitates sustainable fundraising, and enables us to focus less on ‘event revenue’ and more on longer term community fundraising processes.  We have developed fundraising streams offering:
  • A viable community marketing vehicle for local businesses and services in each community where the burden of cost is low but community benefit is high
  • Digital community hubs enabling co-ordination roles by other NFPs to not only gain fundraising outcomes but increase capacity to liaise with local businesses and services for community outcomes
  • A viable work experience platform for NFP organisations to expand skills for work, and local networking knowledge to client groups with otherwise limited access to the local labour market.

A Community Partner Role?

NFP organisations wishing to get involved can take up the role of Community Partner.  The digital platforms take up geographic boundaries across Australia, and each area is to be co-ordinated by a Community Partner. A Community Partner enters into a project agreement with Find It Locally and Working Solutions Inc  .However, this does not prevent NFPs from gaining valuable fundraising income whether they are in Community Partner role or not.  

 What is a Community Partner ?

A Community Partner role does require a team approach.  Their task is to develop their local community hub pages and liaise with local business and organisations to engage in the project.  Partners can use our hub platform which is  structurally ready-developed and requires no special technical skills.  

Your organisation will bring together volunteers or staff as a fundraising team, and participate in our free training. This may be a team of two or more who contribute to the notice boards full-time or part-time.  We provide co-ordination support to your Fundraising team using video scheduled sessions.

Over the course of your partnership your teams will develop skill and experiences that widens their career opportunities.   They will develop and document strong local knowledge that is beneficial to both the project and your organisation. 

Fundraising benefits are realised in full each time your team secures a positive community marketing response. As local businesses and services participate in the program,  their subscription fee is paid in full to your NFP organisation.

This is a great way to engage in sustainable fundraising while providing low cost-high traffic marketing services back to your organisations supporters.

Community Partnerships are contractual and require renewal annually.

What other fundraising opportunities  ?

If you do not have the capacity to utilise volunteers in a fundraising team, or are not sure that this digital hub project is a good fit for your organisation, there are other fundraising options as part of this project.

NFP organisations can be nominated as community fund recipients from a business or service participating in our Regional Marketing Program.  This a great way for sponsors, club members and your supporting community to generate significant fundraising returns on an annual basis.

Become an Affiliate Partner or Referral Agent – these enable your organisation to simply promote the Fundrise project, its digital hubs and regional marketing program, and attract community funds. 


Build interest in your local community, local brands and places of interest
while gaining sustainable fundraising revenue

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