It's No Myth.
There is a sustainable fundraising strategy


There are many different fundraising models and each NFP will have steered the course with regard to which strategy(s) fits best for purpose, client and mission.

Our project offers a strategy for sustainable fundraising that in itself presents a range of opportunities for us an organisation, our clients, our community and for other NFP organisations.

We focus is on building community and establishing long short and term relationships that recognise that ‘giving’ has multiple benefits for community growth and wellbeing. 


What's Our Strategy ?

Our unique collaboration with company ‘Find It Locally” has created a sustainable fundraising channel which focuses less on ‘event revenue’ and more on longer term wholistic community fundraising processes.  We have developed a community and regional marketing fundraising streams offering:

  • A viable regional marketing vehicle for local businesses and service where the burden of cost is low but business to community benefits are high
  • Opportunities for other NFPs to co-ordinate their own local digital community hubs to not only gain fundraising outcomes but increase capacity to liaise with local businesses and services and network for community outcomes
  • A viable work experience platform for NFP organisations to expand a skills for work program, and build local networking knowledge to open access to local labour market opportunities.

Capture Fundraising On Your Community Noticeboard

Community Noticeboards

NFP and charitable organisations wishing to promote their service in the local community can be added to their local community noticeboard.  A simple process undertaken by our team.  You can also participate in our fundraising channel at no cost to your organisation.

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Community Partner

NFP and charitable organisations wishing to take up a more active fundraising role in local community can take up the co-ordination of their local community noticeboard.  The digital noticeboards take up a geographic boundary, and belong to a community hub. For example, Bendigo Central is a hub taking up Bendigo CBD, Golden Square and Ironbark.  There are community noticeboards in each location – each ready to be co-ordinated separately by a local NFP or Charity. 

 Role of a Community Partner

A Community Partner role does require a team approach.  

Working with the Hub Co-ordinator, you can actively seek other charitable or NFP organisations wishing to be promoted on the noticeboard. These organisations must be located on your geographical area. They too can receive fund-raising opportunities.

Liaise with local business and for-profit organisations for the purpose of seeking participation in our “Business Buddy” Initiative.  Their involvement will create financial resources as donations to your organisation and those on your community noticeboard.

There is also an opportunity for each Community Partner to open up volunteer or staff training opportunities whereby they can actively learn to enter data and images to the noticeboard and its elements, or become a community liaison person for your organisation.  They will receive on-line training and support. 

Over the course of your partnership, your teams will develop skills and experiences that widens their career opportunities.   They will develop and document strong local knowledge that is beneficial to both the project and your organisation.  

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