Is there a sustainable fundraising strategy ?
Can we reduce the 'community giving' burden?'


There are many different fundraising models and each NFP will have their preference with regard to which strategy(s) fit best for purpose, client and mission.

Our project offers a strategy for sustainable fundraising that in itself presents a range of opportunities for the organisation, their clients, the community and other NFP organisations.

Our focus is on building community and establishing long short and term relationships that recognise the ‘giving’ has multiple benefits for community growth and wellbeing. 


Why Is Fundrise Different

Our project is a social enterprise, a NFP working to share fundraising opportunities with other NFP.  

Using our unique association with ‘Find It Locally P/L” Fundrise can offer the following:

    • A vehicle for local businesses and services in each community to market their organisation to local consumers and clients
      • We provide this community marketing vehicle as ‘ digital community hubs”  Hubs that focus on everything local first.
      • There is small cost / high volume traffic rewards for participation in all digital promotions
      • Hubs include category search, directory listings, online shopping centres, events and news, banner ads and more 
    • An opportunity for a NFP to manage and co-ordinate their community digital hub and attract marketing fees as a fundraiser
    • An opportunity for a NFP hub co-ordiantor to offer volunteer and training opportunities in Hub operations 
      •   Volunteers can participate and work within the hubs completing business and services marketing artwork etc
      •  Digital hubs are template driven, no coding or technical skills required
      •   Volunteers can liaise with local businesses and services to participate in the hub community

Interested ? Not Sure About Being A Hub Co-ordinator ?

There are limited opportunities for NFP organisations to take on the role of Digital Hub Co-ordinators, but this does not prevent other NFPs from gaining valuable fundraising income within our project.  

  Participating NFP

You can have your fundraising team contacting local businesses and services requesting they supporting your NFP and the community by pinning their organisation to your local digital community noticeboards or using other community marketing tools.  As a NFP fundraising team,  each successful engagement will result in substantial fundraising revenue for your NFP. 

If you do not have an existing team you may choose to offer new opportunities for volunteers to work on the project who wish to develop new skills for work or meet mutual obligation commitments..   

Lets make community marketing work for your NFP

Build interest in your local community, local brands and places of interest
while gaining sustainable fundraising revenue

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