Not For Profit Organisations and Fundrise SE

Working Solutions Inc is looking to support other NFP organisations to engage in our Fundrise initiative.  This can support your organisation, your clients, and your community.


Our initiative is based on ‘growth’ :

  • for your organisation through sustainable fundraising
  • for your clients through work skill development
  • for our communities through our ‘local first’ focus

The opportunities can be realised by your involvement as:

  • Community Partner co-ordinating a local digital community board
  • Engage in Community marketing activities in Find It Locally Pages
  • Provide volunteers to the Fundrise SE – we provide training and support – their work can contribute to your fundraising revenue

Complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss how we can work together building our communities.

Other links of interest:  ** Sustainable Fundraising     ** Video  ** Video 2


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