Get Creative - Make Your Business or Brand So Much More


Successfully reaching out to your community requires ‘action’ ‘ resonance’ and ‘continuity’ where ‘presence’ is more than just a visual queue.  Brand must speak louder and last longer in the mind of consumers.  Your business needs to be a story remembered – one that shows how you invest in your community and build relationships. 

Whether you are the local milkbar or home-goods warehouse, agrarian or restaurant, whatever your business we can ENGAGE YOUR COMMUNITY.   We give you an opportunity to write your story in your community to keep customers coming back.  

Our Story ~ Your Gain 

Every community in Australia has a digital noticeboard – we know cause we put it there.

Every region in Australia has a digital commercial platform  – we know cause Find It Locally built it.

 As a social enterprise our team has created a new opportunity to link your business and your web or socials to over 300 google linked pages in your region. These links are already active. 

Furthermore, we can place your business or brand in your local community on our Noticeboards. There is 8800 of these in the country – all linked by location.

Why are we doing this ? 

Because we need Business Buddies who care about their communities as much as their brand. 

For one paid entry in a regional page you get your brand out there like never before ~ at the smallest cost of $1 a day ~ cost that can change the lives of many because we donate it on to local community charities that are building opportunities for others.

You can even choose the charity or NFP from you local community Noticeboard.

Your relationship with your local community will expand in our local pages – local communities will know who you are and why they should in turn support your business or brand.

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