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Volunteering Is
A Great Way To Learn

Who Can Volunteer ?

The FundRise Project is all about engaging local businesses and services in the community to tell others in their local township who they are, what they do and where they are.

It’s not just about the locals – we have to think about the tourists, visitors and new members arriving into our communities.  

We develop “Digital Community Hubs” to connect people to the things they want, need or are interested in hearing more about. 

Our Hubs advertise businesses, community organisations, events, services, local news and more.  Every time an organisation pins their business or service to our noticeboard it creates fundraising benefits for local NFPs to provide for people and communities in need.

The Hubs are web-based and will use computing skills such as MS Word , MS Paint, and MS Excel.  The platform we work on is template and requires data and images to be added.

What do our volunteers do ?
To populate our hubs we use Spreadsheets of Community listings.  These need to be verified, updated, added, contacted by phone and conversations had about connecting them to the local community noticeboard and hub elements.

We offer training online and use computer software like ZOOM in our teams and in our work scheduling.


The Fundrise Project will develop Digital Community Noticeboards across some 8800 townships in Australia, with each community needing help to populate their digital hubs, and businesses and services encouraged to participate.  

We are happy for expressions of interest from volunteers or Community Marketing folk to help Communities get active.

It’s just about making a start !  


If you would like to learn skills while helping us to build interest in our Digital Community Hubs,  then reach out.

If you have limited skills or a good range of skills relevant to our project (see volunteering video for more) – or if you are just interested – let us know.  



Under the Federal Government Support Initiatives, many of us are required to volunteer with an approved charity or not-for-profit organisation (NFP).

Volunteering can look like many things.

For solo parents this obligation can present real challenges with childcare demands and home absences.  There are very real opportunities to volunteer with NFPs who can be flexible and the work / volunteer commitment can provide experiences and skills that are of interest and in the longer term build solid career groundwork.

 If you are looking to volunteer in our NFP community project under ‘Mutual Obligation’, “welcome” – make a start by registering with more information about your interest in our project and quick summary of your current skills. 

Much of our volunteer work can be home-based in virtual teams rather than workplace environments.





If you are interested in a career pathway in Community Marketing please contact our office for further information.  

We can provide startup support and connect you with our Flex-e Work Platform. This opportunity is open to self-employed people or people wanting to set up their own business in Community or Product Marketing.

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