The Fundrise Project 2022

This is an 'Open Door' Project

This project uses an innovative and expansive digital platform to encourage business and community investment.
We use Digital Community Noticeboards designed by Find It Locally P/L to engage local audiences and provide a central focus for accessing
community resources, businesses, products, events services, points of interest and much more. 

In 2022 NFP organisation “Working Solutions Inc” is partnering with business “Find It Locally” to launch a new social enterprise project to provide the following outcomes:

  • to develop and implement a local-first initiative
  • build stronger communities and community resources
  • open new work and learning pathways
  • build a sustainable fundraising opportunity


Working Solutions Inc has taken up a lead role as ‘Community Partner’ across Australian townships.  Using digital community platforms developed by one of our social enterprise partners “Find It Locally”,  we can harness the platform,  open up new and engaging community spaces that focus on community and local business, as well offering training and mentoring to project workers who will benefit from the experience as a longer term career or work pathway in their community  

  • digital hubs are pre-designed web-spaces that include a range of digital tools in a community marketing suite
  • hubs are populated with information and local links to strengthen understanding of the community’s many ‘voices’,
  • we support volunteers in the project who will benefit from training and mentoring, as we create a meaningful community presence
  • the project is a sustainable fundraising opportunity for Working Solutions Inc. 

As a Community Partner in your area, the Fundrise project will promote local resources (services, events, local business), and support networks through its culturally relevant community noticeboards. In this way, the digital community hubs become the focus point for local community enquiry and interest, including commercial, community and local government resources and services, learning and wellbeing, local events and tourism interests.

As Community Partner we encourage volunteers in the project implementation across communities. Particularly volunteers who would benefit from skills development, workplace experience and/or a new pathway to employment. Skills will include web design, data entry, community liaison, community marketing, virtual teaming, and business communications. 

The Project

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