Solo Parent? Build Work Skills

Fundrise Project Offers Live Work Experience

The Fundrise Project has opportunities for solo parents wanting to learn digital literacy, workplace software, community marketing and working in virtual teams.

  • The Project offers flexibility and the chance to volunteer from home completing tasks in a real-time work environment.
  • Training and mentoring is provided across the skill range required
  • Tasks include the development of digital community hubs where communities can promote their business, products, events and more

Involvement in our project can be voluntary, or you can choose to be involved under your mutual obligation commitment.

Working Solutions is a Not For Profit Organisation that is committed to the development of flexible and sustainable work for solo parents.


 If you would benefit from training in these areas and are willing to volunteer in our project, touch base with us.

Solo parents who are limited in work access or work skills are encouraged to apply.


Our Fundrise Project is all about GROWTH and OPPORTUNITY


We’re seeking volunteers to help us build some 1500 Digital Community Noticeboards across 8800 Australian towns.

You can volunteer to support our Not For Profit organisation  ‘Working Solutions Inc’ to build funds and resources that can sustain our organisations goals in 2022.  You can find out more at ‘Working Solutions

If you are limited in your access to work, career options, skills for work, or mutual obligation volunteer opportunities, you might be interested in the range of volunteer position available on this project.

Our volunteer positions involve computing skills, community marketing activities, social media outreach, data entry and more. 

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